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Corporate Event

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Good event photography paints a picture by capturing the special moments.

Yes, you need all the formal bits - people on stage, sponsor stands (and I will get those too), but the joy is in the little moments and that's what people will cherish most long after the empty wine bottles have been cleared away. 

Whether you're organising a corporate awards night or a community event, hiring a professional photographer who knows how to capture those moments will be the best investment you make - providing you with exclusive marketing content that will delight guests and sponsors alike.

Are you planning an event outside of the Bay of Plenty - or even overseas?  I'm happy to travel!  Get in touch for quote. 

Photography Portfolio

     2023 Virtual Assistant Awards     

     2022 Waahine Toa Rise    

     2023 35 Squadron Event      

     2022 Waahine Toa Rise    

     2023 VA Day Event        

     2022 Waahine Toa Rise