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Website Copywriting: Everything You Need To Know

Ready to upgrade to a shiny new website? Don’t forget to hire a copywriter! Website design firms (like Wainui Creative) create visually beautiful sites you can be proud to share with your customers.

But the words are every bit as important.

Today, we’ll explore everything you need to know about using a copywriter, from what they do to why you need one. So if you're ready to take your business's online presence up a notch, read on!

First, an introduction…

Hi, I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Sarah Todhunter, and I run Fyxen Copywriters.

For the last five years, I’ve been writing exceptional content (if I do say so myself) across various industries in the UK. Since moving back to Whakatane in 2021, I’ve been working with local website designers to create kick-ass websites for businesses in the community.

So, there’s my CV on a postcard. But the odds are that 90% of people reading this haven’t the foggiest idea what a copywriter actually does. I gotcha - let’s break it down…

What does a copywriter do?

Copy = content = words.

There will be copywriters furiously shaking their fists at that explanation, but let’s keep it simple.

A copywriter writes persuasive, engaging content (so you don’t have to).

We aim to find the perfect words to appeal to your website visitors and encourage them to act. Working closely with clients, we take big ideas and complex concepts and translate them into easy-to-understand language that resonates.

For any project where words matter, a copywriter can help.

Got blog-block? Stuck in a social media slump? Time to bring in a copywriter! We create captivating content, whip up dynamic language and give you the right words to help your website shine.

Importantly, we also take the time to understand your unique “voice, " whether that’s articulate and formal or humorous and conversational. A good copywriter slips under the radar, adopting the identity of their client instead of showing off their own style.

Why does good copy matter?

Website copy isn't a nice-to-have - it's essential for success!

Good website content gives readers the information they need while making sure there are juicy calls-to-action that say: "Hey you! Come on over and see what I've got!"

Engagement is the name of the game, and quality copywriting is your secret weapon.

Good website content makes visitors stay longer on your site, builds credibility, and helps convert visitors into customers. As if that wasn't enough motivation to hire a copywriter, search engine rankings also rely on copywriting (more on that in a moment).

5 great reasons to use a copywriter

We’ve already looked at why copywriting matters, but of course, I would say that, wouldn’t I? Instead of taking it from me, let’s explore some of the main reasons businesses decide to use a copywriter.

1. To save time.

Writing about your own business is a lot more difficult than it sounds. You don’t want to be too boastful or too self-deprecating. You want to outshine the competition, but you don’t want to rubbish them.

With a copywriter, you won't have to spend countless hours crafting the perfect message- we'll do it for you quickly and efficiently.

2. To look professional.

Copywriters are an odd bunch. We love words: and not just words, grammar, punctuation, the lot. By using a copywriter, you can be confident that your content is error-free and shows your business in the best light - because nothing says “half-arsed” like spelling errors on a homepage.

3. To increase visibility.

A professional copywriter will know how to write for search engines, identifying the best keywords for your website and working them into the content in a natural way.

4. To do the stuff no one wants to do.

Let’s face it - in every business, there are those jobs that no one wants to do. Copywriting is usually one of them. When faced with a blank page, most people either freeze up or vomit words.

A blog is a great example - you should be adding a new blog post to your site at least once a month, but you have no time, motivation or inspiration to do it. So don’t! Hire a copywriter instead.

5. To provide fresh perspectives.

Working with an experienced copywriter, you can access new ideas and insights about your business. Looking at your online presence from the outside, we can put ourselves in your customer's shoes and suggest points of view you might not have considered.

Phew! That was a lot to cover - metadata, target keywords, blog updates, oh my!

If you're feeling overwhelmed by everything you should be doing, don't worry! It’s never too late to start, and you don’t have to do it alone.

A copywriter is an investment that pays off big time.

For new websites, we can set you up well from the get-go. And for existing sites, we can make sure all of the optimisation boxes are checked so search engines can find you.

Website + Copywriting with Wainui Creative

When you choose Wainui Creative for your website design, you'll have the option to add copywriting services to the package. So, not only will the website look amazing, but the words will do your business justice too.

Quality web design services combined with top-notch copywriting support - what’s not to love?!

If you have questions about how a copywriting service can benefit your business or want to pick my brain - let’s chat!

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